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Your Guide for a Partnership Future 

Authors: Jed Diamond PhDAndy GrantTom Neher, Tony Novello , William Potter , Rico Ricketts 
2020 has been a year unlike any other. The COVID-19 pandemic sent us all to the corner for a time-out. Life as we knew it was put on hold, and simmering social issues rose to the surface. We all had the opportunity to slow down, go within, and ask essential questions. As the months rolled on, one crucial question was, do I want to get back to normal or create a new normal?

Survive and Thrive in the Post-COVID World: Your Guide for a Partnership Future is a collection of essays from best-selling author Jed Diamond, PhD written over the course of 2020. There are also contributions from a group of men in his Diamond Mentorship program.

The culture of domination has been running the show for decades. We now have an opportunity to improve our relationships with each other and with our planet. The post-COVID world needs to be one of partnership if humans are to survive. It is time for collaboration to lead instead of competition. Today is the dawn of partnerism. Only as partners with each other and all of nature can we truly thrive.
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