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Big Old Piece of Humble Pie

I have been preparing for my transition from the corporate world. I believe that my intuition has been working on this, as well. I have learned to trust my intuition more over the last three years. I had a pattern of knowing what my intuition was telling me, but I would second guess it and find out later that my intuition was correct. The fear generated by rationalism was a by-product of living in western culture that taught me rational, linear, scientific thought would provide me with the best answers.

Once I published my first blog post, I must admit that I began to feel fear that maybe I had brought up a taboo subject, that I may just be too outside of the sandbox. Fear that I was boasting about an unrealistic life transition. I am feeling fear of how to answer the question, "what are you going to do now?"

I grant that my fear is a product of past shame and humiliation. There is nothing like a business failure to serve up a big old slice of humble pie.

I am sick of the pit in my stomach. Acting like a duck, all calm above the water and paddling like hell underneath. So, to hell with all that fear. I am going to trust my intuition and work to build an empowered community!

Let's talk.

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